Did Google Invented SEO?

Google Invented SEO?

The first known usage of
the acronym ‘SEO’ was recorded in 1997. This reveals its nature and history
going way before the launch of Google itself.

The concept of SEO was
used to place a business in a directory to be found and opted for business
services. For instance, the infamous ‘Yellow Pages’ was known for having a
great collection of almost every business’s details. It was free and accessible
for everyone to get aware of all businesses operating within certain area.

However, as the
competition got intense, some businesses started purchasing bigger spaces for
extra bucks for their business ads to be displayed in the book. This was done
to attract larger amount of audiences where it is easy to access and locate the
ad. In a similar fashion, Google follows the similar strategy.

Google asks businesses to
pay extra to get featured on the top or simply work harder to make their
business look good and ‘earn’ that top space through SEO.  As Google itself is a business, it ensures
your gain as well its company’s through excessive use of quality SEO trends,
services etc.

How does SEO work today?

SEO is what makes us do
our business. Be it for educational purposes searching for college stuff on the
internet or for a restaurant, SEO is what makes those search results relevant
to you by simply: understanding your previous history, consumer behavior,
locality, etc. Local SEO is what brands use to specifically target consumers
looking for services near them.

For instance, if you see
an ad, it is likely that the ad was placed to target you specifically using
local SEO keywords.

It is all about SEO today
and will remain in future.

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