Great Google Search Engine Alternatives You Should Know!

Google Search Engine Alternatives

For over more than two
decades, Google has been a household name specifically when it comes to search
for possibly anything in the world. Its visitor-friendly, precise and exclusive
information sharing is a class of its own.

Thanks to Google that
students are able to learn, employers able to recruit and employees are able to
earn good amount of money with its top-of-the-line database directory.

However, despite all
these attractions, one can always use other search engines offering
niche-focused content, business purpose with increased privacy.

Following are some of the
top search engines in the world excluding Google:


First launched in 2009 as
a significant replacement of ‘live search’, Bing is owned and operated by
Microsoft. It is one of the most famous search engines with millions of daily
users in the world.

Bing offers services like
web search, image video and news search, top-notch privacy protection,
directions and maps, personalization, translations etc. It is both IOS and
Android friendly. Bing also offers excellent integration with other Microsoft
products like Windows, Office and Xbox.


Founded in 1994, Yahoo is
famously known as web Service Company that offers an array of services and
products including news, search, sports, finance and entertainment news and

Yahoo offers services
like web search, increased privacy protection, Yahoo mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo
Finance, Yahoo Sports and Yahoo Entertainment.


Being one of the best
search engines with maximum privacy and data protection, DuckDuckGo is a search
engine that does not collect or track user data and aims to safeguard visitor’s

DuckDuckGo offers one of
the best privacy protection services, protects user data through protected
encryptions, offers the option for anonymous searching, offers smart search
solutions with its own algorithms, provides customization like regional
settings, dark mode etc.

DuckDuckGo also offers
exceptional mobile optimization through offering mobile app and provides
browser extension to avoid traceable cookies for better privacy protection.

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