Guide to Social Commerce and Tips for Small Businesses

to Social Commerce and Tips for Small Businesses

really is social commerce? Well, social commerce is a process of buying and
selling of goods and services on social media platforms. It involves the
start-till-finish journey i.e. the buyers can buy their desired product or
service without leaving or exiting the particular app. Numerous social media
platforms offer dedicated social commerce features/tools for smooth buying and
selling experience to both its retailers and customers. Using this feature,
retailers of small businesses can build digital storefronts for their business
on the same social media platforms. Social commerce is increasingly popular on
social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and etc.

is a list of tips to follow when looking about social commerce for your small

what works for you

      social commerce can be a tricky business
if you don’t exactly know from where to start. Identifying the right social
media platform is the first step that is crucial and most rewarding if done
right. You need to check what platform is highly used by your target
audience/buyers i.e. Facebook, Instagram or etc.

engaging content:

      Once the social platform is decided, your
priority is to create innovative and engaging content that helps your customer
stay interested in your product or service. Posting about your product
information, reviews and updates can help in keeping the customer attention
tied to your brand on the social platform they use the most.

·        Focus
on enriching customer experience

    Customer feedback is
the make or break deal when it comes to popularity of the brand. Customer
satisfaction can only be achieved when your customer is satisfied at all fronts
i.e. smooth buying process, relevant informational details, updated
products/services etc. Brand loyalty is one crucial thing that you will attain
once your customer is satisfied.  

influencer marketing

    Marketplace is a tough nut to crack and
your business is as good as any other in the e-commerce purchase race.
Influencer marketing is one dominantly important feature that a small business
can utilize to market their products even at a lower level. Social influencers
have a good reach and help greatly in making your offerings go viral/demanded
among the audiences.

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