How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Digital Marketing Outlook

Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Digital Marketing Outlook?

numerous other industries, digital marketing is also experiencing the shape
lifting of process-based alterations. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI)
powered technologies that digital marketers are able to attract, engage and
sustain more customers.

to know how artificial intelligence (AI) helped/shaped the work of digital
marketing? Here’s how.


based chatbots are one of the most used tools to engage with target audiences.
Chatbots are known to provide assistance, feedback and customer support with
its 24/7 availability/support. Chatbots help in increasing customer engagement,
lead generation, brand loyalty etc. They can further help in benefitting
marketing campaigns by utilizing user data and find insights/trends etc.

Predictive Analysis

intelligence helps in analyzing understanding customers through predictive
analysis. Machine learning algorithm (MLA) helps in analyze huge chunks of data
from web analytics, social media and customer feedback. Predictive analysis can
further help in targeted advertising, customer retention, forecasting, product
development, customer satisfaction etc.

AI-powered Ads

algorithms provide greater insights in terms of gauging consumer behavior and
preferences by analyzing which ads they will watch. This pattern can help in
understanding consumer preferences, purchase habits and specific demographics.
Businesses target audiences with ads that they most likely will respond to.
Have you ever found yourself getting similar ads back to back on any social
site? Let’s say YouTube? This is AI-powered based algorithms working to show
what you are interested in.


businesses can really get a boost through the invention of Artificial
Intelligence. From developing content to making innovative websites, AI can get
handy and supportive in terms of inventory control, product recommendations and
customer support. It can additionally predict customer search-based trends,
conduct competitive-market researches and forecast revenues related to

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