How To Avoid Bad Practices In SEO

To Avoid Bad Practices In SEO

SEO is generally
considered the backbone of your business’s digital marketing aspect. When it
comes to bad practices, SEO can be tricky and harmful for even the established

Following are some of the
ways through which you can avoid bad practices in SEO.

Using quality backlinks

Earlier the focus used to
be only on using backlinks for acquiring best SEO rankings. However, with the
constant change in marketing dynamics, quality of backlinks plays a crucial
role. Quality is what matters as it plays as a testament to your page being
viable and trustable enough to visit by the customer.

Avoid keyword stuffing

Too much of anything is
harmful. Keyword stuffing is when marketers or SEO experts use excessive
keywords to get quick visibility. This in turn backfires and results in
negative SEO results where Google may penalize the page for using ‘black hat
SEO method’.

Aligning content with search intent

This is a professional
way of telling Google regarding how your web page is ready for enough
visibility. This is done by using relevant keywords in headers and helping the
search engine understand that your keyword aligns with the visitor’s search
intent, hence making it visible on top of the search engine page.

Inclusion of target keyword

Make sure adding each
target keyword only once. Too much keyword stuffing, repetitive keywords and
bad structure can lead to poor SEO ranks and ultim

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