How To Avoid Bad Practices In SEO?

To Avoid Bad Practices In SEO?

Search Engine
Optimization (SEO) is the backbone of your brand when it comes to increasing
your brand reach. SEO experts ensure maximum visibility on search engines like
Google to secure more leads and improved conversion ranks.

However, SEO may result
in bad performance. How? Here’s how: By following unethical practices,
confusing the search engine algorithm etc.

Following are some of the
useful tips to follow for avoiding SEO related bad practices.

Compromised-Quality Content

Content creation has a
massive fan following across all the businesses around the world. But when it
comes to digital marketing, content generation is an irreplaceable game player
that is sure to bring massive levels of required attention, reach and
ultimately increased consumer base.

Using compromised quality
content can lead to low search rankings, poor conversions and affect overall
web performance. Therefore, if your content is copied, has grammatical errors,
doesn’t have enough keywords to appear in search engine and lack innovativeness
etc, then this is your sign to think better and do needful before being
‘spammed’ by Google. Keyword Assistant Tools like Semrush etc can help you get
the necessary content generation with all the required ingredients.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is using
excessive amounts of keywords in your content. Once used thoroughly for
improvising Google’s algorithm, this practice is today nothing but nuisance.
Keyword stuffing sacrifices the content quality, readability and overall appeal
to make you lose potential customers. Keyword optimization can save you from
many troubles if done right. Tools like Semrush can be helpful.


When it comes backlinks,
Google has given a whole load of guidelines to help your brand get necessary
attention and ‘vote of confidence’ from trusted parties to perform well on
search engine.

However, poor or
unreliable backlinks hurt more than be beneficial for the brand. Unreliable
backlinks can include a variety of types including using unreliable links, too
many sponsored links for money, using links as an exchange or required from
firms etc. Using backlink audit tools, brands can optimize and use only the
right kind of backlinks for increased search engine visibility and

Website Responsiveness and Speed

What makes a visitor
leave an interesting web page despite doing everything right?

Poor website speed and

Slow loading time,
mismanagement or overly complicated features can increase the bounce rate at
greater levels.  High bounce rates mean
the web pages lack in providing necessary user experience (UX) and therefore
result in lower search engine rankings far from the targeted clientele.

Changing website layout
can help in this regard. Using customized images, videos and imagery can help
your website respond better. There are many Image compressing tools in the
market that can help you get the best size for free or for an affordable cost.

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