How To Get To The First Page of Google Search Results

To Get To The First Page of Google Search Results

Getting on the first page
of any search engine results is the ultimate goal of SEO experts and businesses
worldwide. The more the top clicks, the better the chances of

Following are some of the
crucial steps to follow for successfully getting to the first page of Google
search results.

Aligning the page with search intent:

Try to align your page with search intent.
Search intent may include content type, format, and angle.

On-page SEO optimization:

Making sure your page is thoroughly
optimized when it comes to on-page SEO. For instance, mentioning your keyword
in URL, Meta title, etc.

Using backlinks:

Using enough backlinks to appear on the
Google’s surface. Remember it is highly important to focus on getting ‘enough’
backlinks to get desired visibility on the search engine.

Using long-tail keywords:

Use low competition but long-tail keywords
in your title and descriptions. This will ensure maximum reach and visibility.

Aligning content types with SERPs:

Matching your content type with that of
SERPs. For instance, using relevant listing formats may drive more organic
traffic than the ordinary format.

Website speed and responsiveness:

Making sure website loading times are
quick and hassle-free. When web pages take time to load, bounce rate increase
on massive levels. Websites must be responsive and mobile friendly for digital

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