SEO Facts and Myths

SEO Facts and Myths

When people say glass is
half-empty or half-full, it is usually about perceptions and facts. Both are
correct in their own way. However, when it comes to spreading misinformation
aka myths, even when people ‘think’ it to be true, it’s usually not. For
instance, while growing up we always heard how ‘chewing gum’ is indigestible.
Again, a myth!

So, when it comes to SEO,
what are some most common myths and facts?

Following are some of the
most common myths and facts:

Myth 1: Keyword research is not

One might ‘think’ of
relevant keywords, use it and expect to drive results for better visibility.

Thinking is limited.
While proper targeted keyword research is the real game changer. When you use your
targeted keyword research analysis, it provides increased relevancy, visibility
and eventually improved traffic.

Myth 2: Using too many keywords to
attract more traffic

It is an absolutely
no-no! Why?

Google finds using too
many keywords as ‘keyword stuffing’ and mark it as a negative ranking factor.
For instance, if it will gather information regarding a site using increased
amount of keywords for improved reach, Google may penalize it for using ‘black
hat SEO technique’. This will hurt your rankings on a massive scale. Avoid it
all costs!

Myth 3: Using backlinks from anywhere

It is a quite common
understanding that using backlinks provide your SEO rankings a significant
boost and instant vote-of-confidence. However, using the ‘right one’ is the key
to improve your SEO game. Compromised or unauthentic backlinks will attract negative attention and make
you look untrustworthy hence affecting your SEO visibility and reduced leads.

Keeping the myths aside, let’s
focus on facts now.

Fact 1: Using keywords is
one significant traffic driving factor but not the only one!

Using keywords is always
essential for generating traffic for your website. However, for ultimate
visibility generation, following are some of the many essential factors to keep
it in mind:

  1.           Easy navigation
  2.          Fast load times
  3.          Mobile responsiveness
  4.          Well-structured site 

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