Social Media App Banality

media app banality

Social media banality is
a concept often describing the repetitive and monotonous nature of things
happening and experienced by users on online platforms. These experiences draw
perceptions, endless loop of curated content etc. This ‘routine’ is often used
to predict the behaviors in our digital interactions.

Following are some of the
features that make social media apps monotonous:

Recurring interactions:

It is believed that
constant repetitive interactions on social media app banality lead to similar
repetitive experiences and ultimately dissatisfaction in life.

Sameness and predictability:

Discussing the constant
loop, social media banality results in experiencing similar loop of liking
posts, commenting or scrolling through the feeds.

Lack of excitement and novelty:

Due to similar
experiences, customers on social media may possibly experience boredom while
scrolling, seeing repetitive trends, themes resulting in lack of excitement and

Seeking the escape and its impact on

While the visitors want
to break the loop and get attracted towards social media apps for originality
and innovation, it is almost again impossible to not fall in the same-loop of
sameness again. This in turn affects mental well-being of the user and results
in apathy, boredom and dissatisfaction with digital experiences.

Breaking the loop and embracing
novelty and diversity

To break this constant
loop of sameness, users must try to focus on new and different digital
experiences. For instance, looking for diversity and novelty can help in great
regard. Users can search for diverse cultures, perspectives, experiences,
exploring different online communities and etc. Limiting screen time can be
another ‘big change’ introduced in our lives to break the loop of repetitive
digital experiences.

Finding the right balance

Achieving balance is the
key to get ahead. Finding the right proportion of digital presence and offline
activities can play a key role in our well-being. Digital connections and
real-life experiences both should be taken seriously for better mental health.

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