What is brand recognition?

What is Brand Recognition?

Brand recognition is the limit to which a customer can efficiently identify a specific service or product by merely having a look at the service or product’s logo, packaging, tagline, advertising campaign etc. Consequently, brand recognition is a fundamental concept in the world of consumer behavior and marketing in total. Brands with increased consumer recognition are the ones to succeed in a long run by long shot.

Significance of Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is significant to a business’s ability to attract and sustain customers. It significantly contributes in building a competitive advantage, customer loyalty and shaping purchasing matters. The significant the brand recognition, the likely the customer will purchase it despite numerous other alternates

Key Elements Required for Brand Recognition

Creating significant brand recognition successfully involves the persistent use of numerous key auditory and visual elements including those that are associated by customers with a company: slogans, logos, sounds, colors and overall elements related to design and structure.

Assessing Brand Recognition

Assessing and measuring the level of your business’s brand recognition can definitely provide significant insights and lead your marketing tactics. It can furthermore help analyze the effectiveness of efforts related to branding and discover areas that require improvement.



Tips and Tricks to Improvise Brand Recognition

  • Your branding should stay consistent: maintaining consistent brand placements and ads with audio-visual cues across all the mediums and branding materials can help develop and increase brand recognition.
  • Make the Brand Relatable: using psychographics, creating emotional marketing tactics and relevant branding strategies to ‘humanize’ a brand will help foster an invincible association between your brand and your consumers.
  • Launch Your Brand as the Industry Specialist: create and position your company as the most skilled and knowledgeable brand in the product/service industry. This can elevate ‘brand loyalty’ and boost customer trust with your company.
  • Provide Exceptional Customer Service: customer service is important even when your brand has achieved its target goal. In order to maintain the brand recognition streak, you must continue to advertise your brand through whichever channel possible.