Paid Ads Vs Organic SEO

Ads Vs Organic SEO

Digital marketing is the
new way forward to transform the business scene in the upcoming decades. For
this very reason, it is often difficult to choose the process to start your
digital marketing journey with. It is always a tough nut to crack regarding whether
to go for organic SEO or help your business with a financial boost and opt for
paid/sponsored advertisement.

Anyway, both have its own
pros and cons. Let’s have a look at them.


With paid ads you get
instant boost and uplifting position on search engines that result in better
rankings and improved site traffic. With additional cost and financial burden,
this option give your an edge to get ahead in the race at a premium cost.

However, this privilege
definitely comes at a cost of paying for each impression or click.


  •   Instant attention and boost 
  •  Great for businesses in intense
    competitive environment
  •  Better for paid ads for sprints
  • Paid ads provide instant visibility
  • Better for targeted demographics,
    interests and behaviors etc


Comes at a cost

Higher click-through-rate doesn’t
necessarily result in improved conversion rates



Organic SEO is when your
website’s content is optimized organically to help your site rank better on the
basis of its performance. It takes times and effort but delivers durable
results. It relies on quality content, SEO tactics, unique keywords, and
credible backlinks etc.


Long-lasting success rate
Great for businesses with tight budgets
Sustainable growth margin
According to numerous researches, users
prefer organic SEO results more than paid ads

While paid ads are rewarding in getting
instant results, organic SEO provides trustworthiness

Attracts broader audience
May offer more quality leads


Time and more effort consuming

While attracting broader audience, offers
reduced control of content visibility for audiences

All in all, when choosing
one of the two, many brands opt for a mix of both. For instance, using organic
SEO for brand building and once the foundation is set, using paid advertising
for instant results. Each strategy has its own strengths and points therefore
should be used in synergy.



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