Preparing for AI Search with Google Search Generative Experience (SGE)

 Preparing for AI
Search with Google Search Generative Experience (SGE)

and digital marketing are here to stay, work together better and make our lives
more interesting and better!

when it comes to Generative AI, Google promised to deliver a new way of making
our lives easier i.e. Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE). Initially
and till now being in the testing phase, this technology will help Google
understand what a consumer actually wants and how to provide it.

search engine results page (SERP), SGE will be working hard to understand the
exact thing we wish to have. The difference you ask? In a more detailed and
systematic way than SERP! For instance, a detailed query can be answered in the
most comprehensive ways like never before!

of SGE Queries


use search engines for the purpose of acquiring knowledge and information. This
is the very thing that will be provided through handling SGE queries.
Informational queries will be answered in the most systematic manner with the
help of AI that one may not even have to switch to further carousal websites
instead achieve the desired information on the search engine’s page. This will
save time and effort both.


main difference between the informational and commercial will be the appearance
of ‘sponsored/paid ads’ shown on the top of the search results that the Google
might thing appropriate for your query. The information and carousal to the
websites will be there as well. The info will be there as to why each shown ad
is more profitable from the seller’s point of view or selling pitch.

and Local Queries

branded queries, customers may ask using direct keywords like ‘Zara shoes for
women’, and the commercials may be shown to list the probable direct results of
shoes for women from Zara’s online stores and third parties.

in local queries, one may ask ‘best pizza place in Kansas city’, hence the SGE
will generate results to show the most suitable pizza parlors in the Kansas
city as per the customer’s previous pizza preferences and behaviors.

may also include the significant role of positive/negative reviews provided by
the customers. Customers if needed can feel tempted to check the place’s
reviews first and proceed accordingly.

Impact of SGE

are some of the most significant aftershocks that may be felt by using the SGE
for ultimate timelines.

Decline of Organic Results
Due to commercial queries and sponsored/paid content achieving the top part
of the results page, the organic results derived on the SERPs may face the
brunt and keep pushed down. This may ultimately lead to reduced leads and SEO

Reduced Website Visits
Again, due to informational query setup in SGE, most of the significant
information may be displayed on the search results restricting the visitor to
visit the actual source website. However, if any visitor wishes to proceed then
that will guarantee a confirmed authentic lead as the visitor is coming for
more information.

Increased Competition
Increased levels of competition will be observed as there will be advanced
levels of query-answering tactics. For this, the competition may even instigate
increased ranking obstacles.

Ease of Comparison
For the best benefit of customers, this will be a rewarding impact. The
visitors will be able to efficiently compare the products and services now
better than before.

Increased Use of Long-tail Keywords
For efficient and exact solutions, the SERPs may instigate the SEO experts to
use long-tail keywords for précised use of information and answers.

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