7 Ways to Use Social Media for Storytelling

 7 Ways to Use Social
Media for Storytelling

art of storytelling is a gift that only some possess and many wish to acquire.
However, looking at the basic concept of storytelling, there is an end goal
that is to be achieved by the end of the story. Be it funny, conceptual or
feel-good, there is always a point to prove in a story.

is the case with the concept of storytelling in the world of social media.
Marketers and businesses use storytelling primarily for two reasons – brand
building and strong customer sentiment attached to the brand.

are 7 of the useful ways to utilize social media for storytelling.

Create Engaging Visuals

they say, it’s the eyes that notice first. Creating engaging visuals is one of
the most efficient ways to build your story on social media. Since nearly every
social media platform is optimized differently for different visual content, it
is important to do your homework before choosing the platform. For instance,
15-second videos and square pictures generate more attention on Instagram. For
Facebook, other things matter. Aesthetics including lighting, background, props
and artistic elements play a crucial role in visual development of the
storytelling. Using hashtags and real-life stories can be impactful on a
greater scale.

Utilizing Reels, Stories and Shorts

never-ending trend of producing shorts, reels and stories has taken the digital
media world by storm. Due to decreasing attention span of viewers, marketers
strive hard to create a message in the most précised and unique manner. The
challenge often is to be creative, unique yet simple and easy-to-comprehend.
Going live is another facet that garners definite attention and instant
engagement from viewers.

The Power of User-Generated Content (UGC)

content is one key that is the answer for increased customer engagement these
days. Brands use various campaigns, marketing tactics to urge customers to take
part in the on-going campaigns, competitions and giveaways. UGC is a great way
to help customers stay engaged and interested in your brand. This ensures that
customers are able to relate with the brand. Introducing relevant hashtags and
feedback methods can be an excellent example to help them promote your brand in
exchange of getting a glimpse of their favorite brand’s unique ongoing operations

Creating a Series

makes an audience stay on the hook for more? An engaging series of posts!

a series of engaging posts can be of great help. Marketers strive hard to
create engaging content through AI and content creators. This is done to
produce stories that make their audience relate to their brand. The
possibilities are unlimited when it comes to choosing the format. Be it video,
image, GIF, or memes, social media handles of brands try every recipe in the
book to make their viewers ‘stay connected’.

Using Good Captions and Getting Better

right! Captions are one of the most deciding factors when it comes to engaging
your audiences for longer periods. Gone are the days with traditional, 3rd
person robotic styles with similar style of writing etc. Now people prefer
being called directly in 1st person as if they are waiting to be
included in the latest post, venture or step of the brand. Inclusivity at its

Developing Infographics

Z (for obvious reasons) and Millenials nowadays prefer things with ‘instant or
quicker’ approach. For instance, YouTube, Facebook etc shorts are getting
popular because of quick info in a designated time without waiting for a
30-minute video. Similarly, these people and a whole lot of current social
media users prefer statistics over ‘just quotes’. It gives a professional,
accurate and definite perspective to a news/post. Using infographics can be a
great idea to showcase your brand. For instance, a F&B business can provide
infographics of health/nutrition graphs and how these play a crucial role in
their brand development.

Engaging your Audience

the audience is THE most difficult but important part of the deal. Keeping the
customer stay interested is the ultimate goal hence the #1 priority. For that,
marketers can use Facebook or Instagram stories to connect with their
audiences, keep them interested in the happenings of your brand, share minute
details like morning/evening routine, behind-the-scenes processes etc.

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