How to Put SEO-Friendly Images and Description?

 How to Put
SEO-Friendly Images and Description?

What makes your content stand out and look
interesting? Visual representation!

Image representation is one of the many ways to grab
instant attention of your customers. Not only image utilization helps make your
content appear engaging, accessible and attractive but it helps digital
marketers in building SEO tactics for your brand.

Image optimization is the way forward to build
SEO-friendly images and description for creating unique and visually-appealing
content. From choosing the right size, resolution and format, it additionally
involves adding metadata to label them for being easily accessible on search
engine pages.

Following are some of the useful tips to follow for
creating SEO-friendly images and descriptions.

the Right File size and Image Size

File size and image size are different things to begin
with. Image size is measured in terms of pixels i.e. 1024 pixels by 680 pixels
etc. The file size is measured in terms of bytes i.e. 30kb etc. The higher the
dimensions and resolutions, the bigger the size of your image and the longer it
will take to load resulting in lower loading times.

the Right Format

While image format is a different ball game, each type
has different benefits. For instance, JPEG, GIF and PNG have different unique
advantages. Though mostly JPG format is used and preferred to be used for
pictures with great color contrasts while PNG is used for simple types of

Mobile-Friendly Images

When it comes to digital marketing, mobile
responsiveness is the first thing that app and web developers try to achieve it
while growing their brand online. Since Google uses mobile-first indexing
method, it is natural for crawlers to see the mobile version at first. Image
size has an important role to play and must be optimized according to the
mobile screens.

There are some free as well as premium apps to resize
your images for better mobile responsive.

Caption and Description

Image caption may not directly have a huge impact on
SEO but it is visible therefore must be engaging and communicative enough for
audiences to feel attraction towards your brand. Adding unique and
keyword-laden caption and description can elevate user experience and improve customer
engagement metrics.

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