How to Create a Successful Social Media Plan?

to Create a Successful Social Media Plan?

Social media is the
game-changing aspect used by marketers to uplift their brand awareness and
recognition game. Hence, digital marketers utilize social media managers for
developing relevant social media plan for their brand to get both – increased
customer engagement and overall strong online presence.

Following are some of the
crucial steps to follow for developing a successful social media plan:


At the start of any
project, goal setting is a must. Therefore, nothing changes here and goals must
be defined beforehand for drafting a relevant social media plan. Marketers can
use the infamous S.M.A.R.T goals for their business as well as social media

Defining Your Target Audience

Developing a know-how
regarding your target audience is one of the first and most important things to
do while setting up a social media plan. For instance, it is highly significant
to know your target audience via researching for their age, geographic
location, income level, and market segmentation etc.

Know your Competitors

By knowing your
competitors, their moves and their approaches toward the target audience,
you’ll be able to understand what makes them tick. Perform a thorough research
regarding how they do things differently, what kind of visuals they use and
which platform is most favoured for social media posting.

Check Relevant Metrics

Social media metrics play
a crucial role in understanding what makes a customer or visitor engage with
your post. Apart from the usual impressions like ‘like, comment & share’,
following are some of the most useful metrics to keep your focus on:

Call-to-Action (CTA)

Social interaction based engagement (the
number of times someone sees your post)

Traffic and click from social (checking
people coming from social media referrals)

Creating Rich Content and Relevant
Posting Schedule

Brands require both –
fresh and innovative content every now and then. Creating rich content is not
an option but a priority to achieve relevant engagement. The rich content can
include photos, videos, tutorials, interactive sessions, giveaways, polls and infographics
etc.  But when it comes to relevant
posting schedule, nothing matters the most than the timing to post that rich
content. Timing is what makes people get attracted and garner more views,
engagement and impressions.

Utilizing Useful Management Tools

Utilizing useful
management tools is yet another BIG step in creating a social media plan.
Today, both kinds of businesses have thrived. There are those who create tools
and then those who use them for their business. Management tools can include Hootsuite
or Buffer can help in creating posting schedules etc.

Analyze, Revamp and Repeat

Once all this is done,
there comes the place for analyzing what were the achievements and what made
the things difficult. Google Analytics is your best friend in this regard.
Facebook Analytics, Twitter Analytics etc are deeper forms of managing your
social media activity in an efficient manner.

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