How to Create an SEO-Friendly Domain Name?

 How to Create an SEO-Friendly Domain Name

If there is a box full of
needful things to begin with while considering SEO, then creating an
SEO-friendly domain name is one of the most important things to start your SEO
bandwagon with.

do we need an SEO-friendly domain name at all?


  • It provides more visibility
  • The search predictability is better
  • Improved SERP means better leads and site
  • Wrong domain name may result being marked
    as ‘spam’ by Google

Domain name is the
literal representation of your brand. It is the first thing that customers may come
across regarding your brand. That is the reason why multinational firms around
the world spend hefty amounts for innovative and unique domain names to attract
audiences on a massive scale.

‘Domain name’ is what you
see when you type the brand name i.e. Google, and domain extension is what
signifies its second part i.e. ‘.com’. Like www.google.com

Following are some of the
most useful tips to create a unique SEO-friendly Domain Name:

Domain Extension

Selecting domain
extension should be your first concern while selecting a domain name. According
to W3Techs approximately 49% and above brand names use ‘.com’ extension for their
websites. Others include ‘.net’, ‘.edu’, ‘.org’ etc.

This can help in better
visibility and improved click-through-rates.

Different, Use ‘Branded’ Names

Most of the brands around
the world use unique yet simple and easy-to-remember domain names for better
SERPs. This is why, you should use words that are simply easy to recall. For
instance, use single word domain names instead of a 3-4 word one to complicate

Easy-to-Remember Words

Using words that resonate
with the audience should be the goal. Easy, unique and simple words will help
your clientele locate and search you sooner than your competitive parties.

Domain Name Generator

Using a domain name
generator can be really helpful in deciding the best domain name for your
brand. There are hundreds of free as well as premium services offered by
trusted parties to help you get the best one with less effort.

Keywords in Domain Name

Keywords are your best
mates when it comes to search engine optimization of your brand and website.
Marketers and SEOs use unique and relevant keywords inventively placed in your
domain names for better reach, visibility and leads.

For instance, for a logo
developer, one can use logowizard.com etc.


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